Into Exile

Into Exile

by Elin Toona Gottschalk

In September 1944, seven-year old Elin, her mother and grandmother fled Estonia ahead of the advancing Soviet Army escaping the risk of deportation to Siberia. “INTO EXILE” is Elin’s personal account of the horrors she and her family experienced during WWII followed by an even more confusing peacetime in class-conscious post-war England while adult “DP’s” and Elin struggled to find their identity.


Paperback (6X9 396 pages) – English    ISBN 9780989566131 print & 9780989566148 ebook


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  1. Evershine Press

    This book is a powerful and amazing story of what refugees went through during WWII. Many people suffered due to the Germans and the Russians during this time and for those forced to flee their homes and their country, times were not easy. All of Europe was engaged in war and the infrastructure of host countries were in shambles. This book marks one families fight for survival both during and after the war. Few people were untouched during this time. The author was a small child when the Russians forced families from their homes and homeland to prevent deportation to Siberian death and labor camps. This story is unfolds through the eyes of a child and a childs perspective of a changing environment while struggling to understand what it all means.

  2. WilliamCok

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