Why we care about what we do

Evershine Press was founded in 2013 with the purpose of helping authors navigate the many changes in the publishing Industry.  We understood that authors today are inundated with publishing options and decisions due to the advance of technology and the internet. We also knew that much of the information and facts available were false and misleading. As we began working with various authors, we realized that our many years of experience within the industry could be beneficial to those we work with. 
One of the first myths we decided to tackle was “what you don’t know could hurt you” as an author. We met author after author who had been harmed by this belief. It is for this reason, that although we handle the publishing aspect of our clients with good accepted practices, we also take time to educate our authors.
Because we chose to work with new or emerging authors, we also realized that many authors have little to no knowledge for marketing their books, yet the common response authors hear is “don’t worry about it, if you publish it will sell and if it doesn’t just publish another book”. Not only is this statement false, it leads the authors down a path of failure after failure with their books. Consider that most authors won’t sell 200 books over the lifetime of their books and many wont accomplish half of that. 
This is where we believe that authors struggle in finding legitimate publishers because publishers who don’t charge an author to publish want to know that an author will be able to successfully market and sell their books in order to make back the financial investment of publishing and to make a profit. Traditional publishers care more about the author’s ability to market than about the book because the best book in the world needs marketing in order to sell. The fact is “people can’t buy books they don’t know exist”. For as much as we know that marketing knowledge and ability are important, we also realize that this information needs to be taught, especially when working with new and emerging authors, which is the reason new authors have a difficult time finding good publishers. 
Due to the many changes in the industry, readers have become extremely savvy and no longer accept a publishers marketing efforts as validation because they know we have a financial interest in selling our books thus giving us only partial validation. What the readers want and expect today, is for authors to show their pride and confidence in their books by standing up and proudly marketing them. If an author is unwilling or unknowledgeable about marketing their books, readers take that as testament that they must not be very good writers and not worth the readers time or money to buy their books. 
Another mistake we find authors make is in rushing to publish. They don’t take adequate time to build their marketing platform, investigate and learn the information needed to ensure the best success for their books. We take the time while books are in production to work with our authors to educate them, teach them marketing, and generally provide the assistance needed to create their future as an author. We believe this sets us apart from most publishers and feel our training and services are a vital part of our publishing. 
We also know that many other authors need and want access to our services. Although our services are free to our publishing clients, have chosen to offer some our of services ala carte for others who need help. Please learn more at our services page. 
We know the services of a publisher can offer many benefits, however no publisher can  guarantee the success of any book. However, at Evershine Press, we use our many years of industry experience to develop the best platform and quality book for our clients. 
Evershine Press is an open publisher meaning that no agent is needed and we accept a variety categories and genres. Our submissions tab will provide more information on submitting to us. To learn more about us or how we can help, please contact us at info@evershinepress.com.