Tegan Gillis is an amazing young lady. Peanut Butters Big Fit is her first book of many to come and the subject is one of her favorite things, her cat, Peanut Butters. Tegan also loves her horse Dusty, her 35 chickens, her blood hound Dusty Doo and many other critters found on her familys farm which is the perfect place for her to enjoy her animals, climb trees and be a child. Prepare to see Tegan use her love of animals large and small to become a veterinarian one day. In the meantime, when she cant be outside, she also loves to read and write books, about animals of course. She also enjoys reading to and playing with her younger brother.

Peanut Butters Big Fit is a story about the trials of trying to bath a cat. Peanut Butters Big Fit is a fun look at cat life with their owners. This book celebrates per ownership and caring for pets.