Paperback $11.99 / Ebook $3.99

Paperback – 6X9, 326 pgs

ISBN 978-0-997510829

Ebook 978-0-997510836

Deadly Diamond: A Diamond to Die For is Rob’s followup book to his debut fiction novel Deadly Plans. If you enjoyed Rob’s first fiction novel, you’ll love this one as well.

An Italian Mafia Mogul purchases a rare diamond and dies before the unveiling. His murderers flee to America, Fort Lauderdale, Florida after stealing the diamond and a sum of cash. Before they get to enjoy their new life, more killing occurs. Years later on his prison deathbed, a father tells his sons where he’s hidden this rare stone starting the diamond’s curse all over again. For Maximillion Merchado and his friends, they once again find themselves in the middle of a murderous rampage spanning two continents. Invited to Italy, they nearly lose their lives. After returning home and putting the ordeal behind them, they discover they are not safe. The question becomes as news of this rare diamond and its immense value driving people’s greed; can Max and his friends escape this time?