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Rob has become an avid writer of action and suspense novels. He enjoys writing books that include some of his exciting life events. Rob is living his dream writing stories he’s always wanted to do, but time did not allow. He began adapting stories based loosely on his early experiences visualizing many more adventures in future stories to come. His first fiction novel Deadly Plans and his next book Deadly Diamond: A Diamond to Die for centers around a group of friends. Secrets: Murder, Lies, and Politics is the final storyline for the group of friends Max, Sam, Ann and Peggy whom he developed based upon close friends from his past. Currently he his working on his new book with new characters to fall in love with.

Secret’s is a saga of politically corrupt people, who plot to stay in power by killing the competition and anyone who gets in the way. FBI Agent Rose Finley boards the Bacalao party boat about to sail out of South Miami with its load of political cronies. She tries to look like just another face in the group hoping to get evidence of corruption against the powerful Senator Hubert Sancho hosting the party, but her secret is exposed and his ruthless supporter Rafael tosses Rose into the ocean five miles from shore to die. When the girls go to Las Vegas for a week, Max and Sam go fishing when they find and rescue Rose before she drowns from trying to swim and stay a float for over an hour in the rough water from the pending hurricane. Rose tries to keep the guys out of danger, but they are drawn in as deep as Rose as a coldblooded Sancho supporter is out to silence them. Rose and her new friends have to thwart Rafael’s plan to snuff out the Senator’s competition, without  getting snuffed out too. Max falls in love with Rose but she’s more interested in her career. It turns out the girls have their own unexpected adventure during their trip. When Peggy and Ann return from Las Vegas, everyone’s secrets are exposed testing the bonds of friendships and more. Secret’s is just as deadly.

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