$11.99 Paperback / $3.99 Ebook

Paperback – 6X9, 304 pgs

ISBN 978-0-997510805

Ebook 978-0-997510812

Deadly Plans is Rob’s debut fiction novel. Previously Rob’s writing has been in the area of non-fiction. This story is an action packed ride of loyalty, friendship, anti-terrorism, and misadventure.

A simple day at work becomes a race for his life as loyal and patriotic Max discovers sensitive information that he’s not supposed to find. Thinking his friend and boss Mark is working with terrorists developing a new form of chemical weapons for mass destruction, Max enlists the help of his best friend Sam to foil the plans he’d discovered. Quickly Max is hiding out in Ft. Lauderdale before he and Sam fly to Jamaica where he discovers the truth. The US Government working with Mark has set a trap to stop a major terrorist group working in Afghanistan. Things don’t go quite as planned and Max and Sam learn their good life living in sunny Ft. Lauderdale takes some serious turns as they become the hunted by both Jake a deranged psycho and the terrorists whose weapons supply they intended to stop.