Paperback – 6X9, 274 pgs

ISBN 978-0-9975108-4-3

Ebook 978-0-9975108-5-0

Lois has been an active storyteller for the last fifteen years. Gerti’s War is her first non-fiction novel and the reason she started writing. Lois’ life changed when she was visiting Gerti and extended family in Germany and a photo album fell out and onto her foot. That photograph showed Gerti’s father wearing a WWII German uniform with another German officer in a wagon. Lois casually asked her cousin, “What did you do in the war?” However, she was not prepared for Gerti’s answer. Gerti told Lois that she had been in the Hitler Youth and was fourteen when the war started. Lois literally dropped to her knees. The kindest woman she had ever known, couldn’t be a “Nazi”? Gerti’s War covers the years 1938-47 showing what life was like in Germany during the war and afterwards as taken from Gerti’s journals from the time and the stories she told.

Gerti’s war is a journal of Gerti’s life after Hitler took power and she found herself pressed into service as an encryptionist with top security clearance. Gerti’s journal chronicles her experiences, hardships and the atrocities suffered by all during WWII. Gerti’s early life and later years are told from Gerti’s stories to portray her life before, during, and after the war.

New Release

April 2020

Gerti in the BDM
Gerti in uniform
Gerti & Sigi on their wedding day