Dorothy Miller has enjoyed writing since the age of ten, especially in the genre of poetry and
stories for young children. Since her teen years and throughout her life, she has found children to be her top priority both as a parent and as a teacher when in 1972 she took a position as an assistant teacher for Creative World Day Care Center. Later in life, she eventually opened her own daycare service. She attended Northern Virginia Community College where she took a number of
creative writing courses to further enhance her writing skills. Her accomplishments have been those of Poetry Awards and by request has had over twenty poems published in Anthologies, which she was more than happy to share. Her first book, “Poetry from Life’s Inspirations” was an inspiration that has encouraged her to continue pursuing her writing career. A native of Washington, DC, she currently lives in North Carolina. She also loves cooking and has published a cookbook currently available called “Gourmet Party Creations”.

Campfire Tales is a book that allows children to explore the wonders of nature through poetry. The poems describe insects, animals, things in the sky and folklore, with moral endings and illustrations to enhance the readers imagination.