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Paperback – 6X9, 396 pgs

ISBN 978-0-989566131

Ebook 978-0-989566148

Elin has devoted her life to advocating for refugees and bringing their struggles into the light. She is continually asked to speak on her book worldwide. She knows first hand what a refugee can endure especially when forced to flee their homeland. Into Exile is a warm touching account of what she and her family encountered. In addition to the struggles of war, Elin also recounts her experience of peacetime and life’s struggles in general. This book will touch your heart as you laugh, cry, and learn lesson’s in humility.

In September 1944, seven-year old Elin, her mother and grandmother fled Estonia ahead of the advancing Soviet Army escaping the risk of deportation to Siberia. “INTO EXILE” is Elin’s personal account of the horrors she and her family experienced during WWII followed by an even more confusing peacetime in class-conscious post-war England while adult “DP’s” and Elin struggled to find their identity.

To celebrate her 80th birthday and her continual support and dedication to her homeland of Estonia, she was given the gift of a bench of her own in the same cemetery where her grandfather Ernst Enno has his bench and statue.