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In today’s marketplace there are many options open to anyone looking to publish a book. The problem comes in that many authors don’t understand the publishing industry or what will be required of them as an author. Due to this lack of understanding, many authors look for help online.

Regrettably, what they find are self-publishing companies that promise the world if the author is willing to pay huge amounts of money. Even if the author pays these huge sums, they are left with empty promises, books that don’t sell, and much more. These companies are predatory, praying on the vanity of the author to hand over their work and their money.

True, there are other options such as Amazon and others who do not charge an author to publish, however they also don’t always have the authors best interest at heart. They don’t explain to the uneducated author how many of the choices they need to make will effect their book once its published. Amazon is a retailer. They offer publishing services to benefit their retail platform. Many of the choices an author makes can have lasting affects on their book and its sales ability.

Don’t get us wrong, we are not saying Amazon is bad. We are saying that there is a best way to use services like Amazon that provides the benefit for the author. Authors should learn more about publishing and their options before jumping in.

Evershine Press is a traditional publisher, but we also assist authors who wish to self-publish through training and education. No doubt, the publishing industry has become ripe with fraud. We believe it is only through knowledge and education that authors can avoid many of the pitfalls.

We believe this so strongly, that helping authors is an important part of our company’s mission. It is why we offer free consultations and services. Yes, we are a for profit company, yet we are able to offer free services and training because in the long run, we know we are building trust with our clients, we are becoming known in the industry for the benefits we provide and that will cause even more people to come to like us.

Another big factor for authors to know and understand is marketing. It doesn’t matter how well you publish or how good your book is if you don’t know how to market. Book marketing is something that requires time and knowledge. We show authors how to develop their brand and how to build a ‘Know, Like & Trust’ factor with their audiences. This takes time and needs to be started early. People can’t buy books they don’t know exist!

In addition to training, we are able to provide many tools and services to help authors build their author platforms and to get noticed. We use our knowledge and cutting edge tools so that any serious author can achieve their publishing goals.

Come and check us out. Give us a shout. We are happy to speak with you. You can contact us at 813-528-0080 or email us at: info@evershinepress.com

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