Video Marketing Services

Today, video has become the fastest and easiest way to grab the attention of audiences. Video appeals and ranks so highly because it fits into activities that people already have a engaging relationship with such as watching television and movies.

Big brand advertisers have known for more than fifty years that commercials (the early days of video) have greater impact on audiences over print ads. They also learned that the more memorable an ad, that audiences have a longer the retention of the ad even if they hated it. Whether you like an ad or dislike it, you are engaging with that ad much like authors want want a reader to engage with their books.

There are many different types of video that can be used to tell a story, or simply build brand awareness. We are able to handle a variety of video types for your marketing needs. Check out some of the videos we have created for clients.

Vid clips are videos that are only a few seconds long, but designed to perform a variety of tasks.

Intro/Outro videos are widely used as video calling cards as they contain your company name and logo. These vid clips are great by themselves or at the beginning or end of other videos. They help build brand awareness.

Title videos are short message videos that offer a limited amount of text usually only a line or two. Title videos provide a direct message such as “Available Now”, “Get Yours Today”, “Happy Holidays”, etc.

Social/Marketing are videos that advertise where people can find you online. They are great to add at the end of your other videos as a final reminder where they can follow you.

CTA videos, which stands for Call To Action, are video messages designed to get audiences to to action on your offer or service.

GIFS are image videos. They typically use an image or graphic asset where a repeated animation or motion is added.

Longer Videos

Lower Thirds are videos that contain a logo and tag lines usually at the  bottom corners of a video for branding purposes.

Cinema Graphs are videos created using a combination of video and a still image to create an illusion as the still image has the video clip playing around the image. This technique stacks the video and image then erases a portion of the video allowing the image to show through. This methods can create some cool effects to gain the attention of audiences.

Motion/Animated Characters, Cartoons and more These types of videos are fun for audiences as they are able to market in a light-hearted fun manner.

Explainer Videos are videos that use a story to show an audience how your product or service can help someone with a specific problem or need. These types of video typically use PowerPoint presentations or white board sketch videos to tell the story.

Green Screen This style of video allows an person to speak in the foreground while motion video is playing in the background.

Book Trailers for authors are video messages less than three minutes. The best book trailers are between 45 to 90 seconds.

…and much more. If you need video or would like to utilize video in your marketing, contact us. We offer reasonable rates for our services.