Publishing and Marketing Services

Although we publish books for our authors, we also find ourselves helping other authors with their publishing and marketing needs. Our mission is to help all authors navigate the publishing arena. To this end, we can offer advice or services for any author. 

We can only take on so many new book projects  each year, however that doesn’t mean authors must be turned away. Some authors prefer to self publish, but just don’t know how, while others need marketing help for their books.

It has always been the goal of our company to provide quality assistance to the authors and businesses we work with. The internet has made some of the work of self-publishing easier, yet does little to provide training to assure each author takes the right steps for them or understands how to properly plan the publishing of their book. Add to that the rampant fraudulent companies that exist praying on authors is a recipe for disaster.

To assist with marketing, we help authors with branding, design and build Facebook fan pages, websites, book trailers, graphics, video services and more. Our cutting edge software allows us to easily provide design services at affordable prices. 


Publishing Services

This is a sampling of our publishing services.

Author Branding

Planning and Scheduling

Defining Target Audience

Assistance with Vendors

Publishing Options and Programs

Print Formatting

Ebook Creation

Cover Design

Basic Guidance and Must knows


Marketing Services

This is a sampling of our marketing services

Author Branding & Logo Creation

Graphic Design for Print or Online

Book Covers

Book Trailers

Video Services for Marketing

Video Spokespersons/Avatars

Social Media

Website Design and Management

Mobile Apps

…and more