Navigating The Maze Of Social Security


Claiming Strategies for Fifty Shades of Grey

Stephen J. Stellhorn RMASM

In most cases, the earlies Social Security retirement benefits can be claimed is at age 62.  This may not be the optimal age at which to claim. Yet 50% of individuals claim benefits when they turn 62 and another 25% claim within a year of turning 62.  Making the wrong claiming decision, which is usually irreversible, can result in hundreds of thousands of retirement dollars being left on the table.  

You can go to Social Security Administration’s website; there you will find over 120 different publications you can wade through to find answers to your Social Security questions.  Or, in one concise book your questions about Social Security are answered in an easy to read format, including 50 situational examples.  These’s no need to feel confused. unsure, bewildered or lost anymore.  

Topics covered in Navigating The Maze of Social Security are Disability Benefits, Earnings credits, Earnings Cap Restrictions, Benefits and income Taxes, Delayed Retirement Credits, Social Security and Annuities, Longevity Risk, Spousal Benefits, Survivor Benefits, Dependent Benefits,  File and Suspend Strategies, Restricted Claim Strategies, Combination Strategies, Widow and  Divorce Rules, Remarrying Rules, Same Sex Marriages, Medicare Coverage and Medicare Costs.  Take time to understand all your options before you claim benefits

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