Navigating The Maze Of Health Insurance Choices


A Comprehensive Look At Individual & Small  Business Options

Stephen J. Stellhorn, RMAsm

In 2014, we’ll see the most sweeping health care reform changes ever take place in the United States as the majority of the key elements of the Affordable Care Act are implemented,  This will change access to health care,  its delivery and most likely its costs in this country for years to come.

What do all these changes mean to you as an individual, small business owner or budding entrepreneur?  Should I maintain my existing company benefits? Do I have to get my health insurance from these new exchanges?  Can I keep my existing indiviual policy?  What if I have a pre-existing health healh condition?  I have low-income, what options are there?  Will I have to pay a penalty?  Are my Medicare benefits affected?  Can my existing policy be cancelled? What’s a SHOP?  Can I get some help? 

In one concise book your questions about health insurance are answered in an easy to read format, including the new 2013 Health Insurance Marketplaces.  There’s no need to feel confused, unsure, bewildered or lost anymore.  

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