Evershine Press is a book publishing and marketing company designed to provide the best benefit to our authors. There are many options available to authors today, however many can be difficult, expensive or confusing.
At Evershine Press, we take the confusion and guess work out of publishing by guiding authors toward the path best for them. As a full service traditional book publisher, we offer many benefits to our authors fee of charge. 
Regrettably, as a small indie publisher we are not able to publish every book we receive. We do however offer various services to any author who needs it ensuring that every author has the ability to see their book reach it goals. Check out the services tab on the menu of this website to learn more about the services we provide.
There are many publishing options today. The internet has opened many doors to publish books, but it also has created a lot of fraud and predatory methods. These methods seek to charge large fees for publishing and create confusing information making it hard for authors to understand. Evershine Press provides our writers with experienced backing and support, plus knowledgeable help and assistance including marketing so authors can reach their audiences. 
Book publishing is but a single phase to publishing. Without a solid marketing plan to gain attention of audiences a book will never reach its potential. Evershine Press provides marketing services to anyone who needs it for reasonable prices. We acknowledge the importance of providing quality services at affordable prices. Evershine Press offers many tips, tricks and industry secrets not widely available to most authors. We believe all authors should have access to quality services and support. Book publishing requires planning.

Many of our marketing services are available for all types of businesses, not just authors. We utilize ground breaking software and assets in order to create quality marketing tools. Don’t delay, learn about our services today.

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