Growing Your Celebrity Author

What does growing your celebrity author mean? What is it?  Authors rarely understand how to get started marketing themselves and their books. This post will offer insight into important things to know. What are the real goals/roles for your social media and marketing? The goals and needs of an author are much different from that of an individual person. Everything … Continue Reading →


In today’s marketplace there are many options open to anyone looking to publish a book. The problem comes in that many authors don’t understand the publishing industry or what will be required of them as an author. Due to this lack of understanding, many authors look for help online. Regrettably, what they find are self-publishing companies that promise the world … Continue Reading →

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Video Marketing Services

Today, video has become the fastest and easiest way to grab the attention of audiences. Video appeals and ranks so highly because it fits into activities that people already have a engaging relationship with such as watching television and movies.Big brand advertisers have known for more than fifty years that commercials (the early days of video) have greater impact on … Continue Reading →

Florida Writers Association-New Tampa-Wesley Chapel Had Jewel as Guest Speaker

Jewel was a guest speaker for the Florida Writers Association in New Tampa/Wesley Chapel on Saturday December 03, 2016.  Jewel gave valuable information on publishing and how it is so important that an author start marketing early, even before beginning their writing.  It takes time to develop and establish a brand. Yes, authors need to brand themselves just like any … Continue Reading →


Publishing and Marketing ServicesAlthough we publish books for our authors, we also find ourselves helping other authors with their publishing and marketing needs. Our mission is to help all authors navigate the publishing arena. To this end, we can offer advice or services for any author. We can only take on so many new book projects  each year, however that doesn’t mean … Continue Reading →