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Authors today are inundated with publishing options. Writers also have to play an increasingly active role in selling and marketing their books. Let’s face it: authors are not marketing experts, they are writers, story tellers. 

Evershine Press is run by Debbie and Jewel.  As operations manager Debbie handles much of the business end while Jewel uses her extensive knowledge and background of the industry to work with authors and handle much of the production and marketing projects. With more than fifteen years in the publishing industry and over thirty five in business management, finance and technology Debbie and Jewel are highly qualified to assist authors with their projects.

When Jewel entered the publishing industry, there was no such thing as eBooks and self-publishing as the internet was still in its infancy. Many of the tools available today were non-existent and most individuals did not yet have computers in their homes. So what did we do without websites, Google or Facebook? We learned how to market. How to network, make connections, approach our target market and engage them. We were forced to build our company’s brand and be where our customers were. It was expensive, but it built a solid base for our marketing so that when new technologies like the internet arrived in a stable form, we already knew how market and engage our audience, we could just now reach them faster and less expensively. Although we incurred a lot of expenses back then, we also made it back in spades as the business grew. 

The industry today offers many tools and worldwide accessibility for an author to become known and get their books out and make sales. We have found however, that although there is a fountain of wealth for authors, the industry in great part due to the internet has provided for a lot of fraud and misinformation that often cripples authors and prevents them from learning and utilizing skills and techniques that will reach the mark.

Worse yet is when we begin working with authors we continuously learn how they’ve been harmed by the fraud and negatives of the industry. Authors are overwhelmed and have difficulty learning the basics of the industry they now hope to work in. It is for this reason Evershine Press has made it a mission to help authors whether we publish their books or not. We believe, that if more accurate and beneficial knowledge is gained by authors, the industry as a whole wins since more authors will have a good chance for success instead of failure.

This means we can assist, mentor or help any author whether we publish their books or not. Currently we have been providing author training’s and speaking at writers groups as a means to accomplish this goal. Whether your looking for publishing or marketing services feel free to contact us. We strive to keep all of our fees affordable so authors can get the tools and services they need.

 To learn more specific information about how we can help, send us an email at info@evershinepress.com.


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