About Us

Authors today are inundated with publishing options: self-publishing, hybrid or co-op publishing, print on demand (pod), and more. Writers have to play an increasingly active role in selling their books. Let’s face it: authors are not marketing experts. They are writers and storytellers. To understand how publishing decisions affect future marketing and distribution takes years of knowledge and expertise.

Many authors we meet are in such a rush to “get published”, they fail to assess their goals or develop a coherent marketing plan. This is like getting in a car without a map or a destination. Sure, you can drive around, but will you run out of fuel? How will you even know when you have reached your goal. We see such scenarios every day: new authors grabbing their car keys and winging it, hoping to fix any wrong turns after the fact. However, many publishing decisions cannot be reversed, so it is crucial to create a good marketing plan upfront to meet your goals.

The services of a publisher can offer many benefits. No publisher can guarantee the success of any book, however at Evershine Press we use the many years of industry experience of our knowledgeable staff to develop your book project to reach the widest possible audience.  By bringing books to more markets, we place the books where readers buy most. We take the time to develop new audiences and reach a wide range of readers.

It is sometimes difficult to gain admittance to many publishers even today. Evershine Press is an open publisher meaning no agent or intermediary is needed to work with us. We can't publish every book we receive, but we accept books in a wide range of categories and genres so we recommend checking out our submissions page for more information. 

 To learn more specific information about how we can help, send us an email at info@evershinepress.com.

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