Into Exile

Into Exile: A Life Story of War and Peace

by Elin Toona Gottschalk

It was September 1944 when seven-year-old Elin, her mother and grandmother, fled Estonia ahead of the advancing Soviet Army and escape being deported to Siberia. “Into Exile” is Elin’s personal account of the horrors she and her family experienced during WWII followed by an even more confusing peacetime in class-conscious post-war England. As the adult DP’s struggled to regain their lost dignity, Elin struggled to find her own identity. It was not until some forty-six years later that Elin would return as an official guest and finally release the grief she had inherited for an entire country that survived fifty years of Communism.

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Homicidal Hustlers

By Thomas Weston Handsome Jon Braw enjoys casually defrauding the women he hooks up with on Internet dating sites. His life changes the day he meets his match in Victoria, a female hustler hiding a deadly fetish. Jon gets sucked into her whirlwind of cunning, sex, murder and insanity, and it nearly destroys him. You’ll be on the edge of your seat as author Thomas Weston guides you through calculated trysts and demented perversions to the surprise ending.   Retail $7.99

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