Elin Toona Gottschalk – Sunday Nov. 9th 2pm at Safety Harbor Library

   DON’T  MISS ELIN TOONA GOTTSCHALK at SAFETY HARBOR LIBRARY on SUNDAY NOV 9, 2014 at 2pm TALKING ABOUT HER BOOK “INTO EXILE: A LIFE STORY OF WAR AND PEACE”     “Into Exile:  A Life Story of War and Peace” is about a time when the world was upside down and people forgot what it meant to be human.  Into Exile … Continue Reading →

Gottschalk, Elin Toona

Elin Toona Gottschalk Elin was born in Tallinn, Estonia, in July 1937. Her parents were well-known actors who lived in the theatre dressing room during the ‘season’. After Elin was born she was given to her grandmother and great-aunt Alma Saul in Haapsalu, Estonia. Her grandmother, “Mämmä” was a trained artist and widow of the respected Estonian poet Ernst Enno. … Continue Reading →