Homicidal Hustlers published to Amazon

Homidical Hustlers

Homicidal Hustlers is available on Kindle and Ganxy.  We are pre-launching the book only to Kindle and Ganxy temporarily. During the full launch, we will announce additional locations and retailers where the book can be found. 

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Cover design for Homicidal Hustlers


Homidical HustlersLook what just arrived!

This is the fabulous cover designed by Russil Tamsen for Tom’s new book. This cover design is so perfect for this story. Homicidal Hustlers is a crime drama/mystery of love really gone bad, a terror plot beyond imagination and con artists galore. This book should keep you on the edge of your seat. Read the  synopsis below.

Handsome Jon Braw enjoys casually defrauding the women he hooks up with on Internet dating sites. His life changes the day he meets his match in Victoria, a female hustler hiding a deadly fetish. Jon gets sucked into her whirlwind of cunning, sex, murder and insanity, and it nearly destroys him. You’ll be on the edge of your seat as author Thomas Weston guides you through calculated trysts and demented perversions to the surprise ending.